Daylight Savings & Ezzy Lynn!

Life has been a little crazy lately, so I apologize for my absence… There are many blog posts to come this week. Usually I live for Halloween, but this year with the pouring rain (again), and the nonsense that is the Toronto nightlife scene, I was actually really excited for a relaxing Sunday and daylight savings to come. Granted, I still ended up having to work on Sunday night, but this was the perfect boho, breezy fall outfit I picked for Brunch at La Societe with my dear friend, Avalon. I ended up being so lazy after the hectic past three weeks, that I wore the outfit out to work last night too. I love a look that seamlessly goes from day to night.

I have recently been extremely lucky enough to partner with a brand that is near and dear to my heart: Ezzy Lynn. I met the lovely ladies behind the incredible boho hair accessories brand back in June at the Digital Dreams electronic music festival where I was working. They hand make all of their flower crowns, scrunchies and headpieces in their spare time in London, Ontario while holding down full time jobs. On top of this formidable feat, they adopt an endangered animal for every 25 pieces they sell by partnering with with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Upon hearing all this and being mesmerized by the beautiful flower crowns they had on display, I decided I needed a daisy crown in my life. The only problem: I was supposed to be working and had nowhere to put it for the rest of the day as I walked around the festival. The three beauty girls behind Ezzy Lynn, offered to hold onto my crown I had bought until the end of the day when I could pick it up. I thought what a lovely gesture and immediately trusted these gems. However by early evening an absolute downpour occurred, and at the end of the night when we arrived back at the Ezzy Lynn booth we found out that it had been completely ransacked by the rain and that the girls’ inventory had been mostly destroyed or stolen. Sadly, I had given up on retrieving the flower crown I had bought, until at the very end of the show, among 60,000 partygoers we ran into the trio, who unbelievably had saved my crown and were hoping to find us. It was a very serendipitous day indeed. Here are some photos of the daisy headband that originally got me hooked on the brand:





Now that fall is here, I have put the daisy crown away. But being a beach girl at heart, all year round, I am still obsessed with summery and ocean-inspired pieces mixed into my fall/winter wardrobe. I am now wearing my Sea Horse Scrunchie by Ezzy Lynn on the reg. The gorgeous rose gold silk texture, makes it unique and glamorous. It can dress up any outfit and gives braids, half-ups and ponytails a chic upgrade and level of class that normal elastics cannot even come close to achieving. The iridescence exudes the pearly colours of sea shells and tropical underwater beauties, allowing me to feel like a mermaid even in the freezing cold. It is safe to say I am obsessed. I also love its versatility in its ability to be a hair and wrist accessory. So once again, thank you Ezzy Lynn!









Floppy Felt Hat: Ralph Lauren
Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: Salvatore Ferragamo
Necklace: H&M


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