Looking back on Summer 2014: Vintage Fox Lisa’s Cottage

After looking back on the entire year in my last post there were clearly some standout events in 2014.  But one of the most unexpected, unplanned and beautifully peaceful weekends occurred at my friend Lisa’s cottage.  With a gloomy looking weather forecast, Lisa invited me on a whim up to her family cottage for one last time, before it would be torn down for renovations.  I met her lovely parents, and sweet British grandparents up on Lake Simcoe.  The weather was threatening the entire time, but held up for our various cottage activities like jet skiing and moonlight canoeing.  Even though we are two girl friends, it may have been one of the most romantic weekends of the summer.  The female equivalent to a “Bromance.”  We did typical girl things like discuss relationships and make flower crowns and I got to learn all about my beautiful bohemian friend, with her curious pup by our side.

IMG_3555 IMG_3547 IMG_3545 IMG_3535 IMG_3532 IMG_3521 IMG_3519 IMG_3520


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