Thought of the Day

Something I have been struggling with a lot lately is the fact that I cannot please everyone all the time. The harder I try to satisfy everyone around me, the more I fail at failing any one of them. I have been spreading myself thin and I am finally starting to realize that I actually can’t do it all. As an indecisive libra, often my approach is to just say “yes” to everything. Inevitably, I get run down, and even if I can do it all, I end up being exhausted and unhappy myself. This mentality has taken a toll on my health, my relationships and my career success.

Sometimes it just takes one small laughable example to make the bigger picture start to all make sense. Yesterday, I got rejected for a modelling job for being too tall. Despite the photographer pulling for me to be chosen for this catalogue shoot, at 5’10” I was simply too tall for the dresses. In the past I may have gotten frustrated or angry with myself for something like this, despite it being completely out of my control. But yesterday, I took it in stride. I was able to accept it and laugh at the irony of the situation, considering this is an industry that mostly excludes those under the height of 5’9.” This funny little episode, however, really illustrated to me that you cannot be everything to everyone. It finally made sense, that there was no use stressing about things you cannot always control. As I continue to live through my quarter-life crisis, I am beginning to learn to let go, and to not be so hard on myself for not doing it all and being it all. I am finally leaning to accept who I am, and not change to be something someone else wants me to be to serve their interests.



3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. Come model for my brochure shoot in March in TO. That is if youre in TO. I cant pay you, but Im launching this company at Cannes Film Fest & globally. Messaging you cause I saw your comment on Instagram 🙊

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