A Lesson On Gratitude

Gratitude is the key to life. As I sit here at the eye doctor, after finding out my eyes have gotten even worse and feeling sort of sorry for myself in my nerd glasses and thinking of the cost of my contact lenses that I will have to replace. I see two blind children walking through the halls, giddy with happiness as their helper takes them around the facility and they exclaim, “this was so much fun!” I immediately get chills and tears well up in my eyes (and it ain’t just from the eyedrops). No matter where you are, how sad you feel and how unlucky life seems at times, there are always people with way less who make the decision to be happy by being grateful for what they do have. This moment was a blessing and a reality check.

P.S. I’m often embarrassed to wear my glasses out since I was definitely deemed a “Nerd” in high school, but I have been embracing my nerdiness lately and wanting to get back to the real me from grade school. Do you think I should keep these old frames or go for something bigger. (Let me know in the comments section).



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