Mothers of Artists

Shout out to mothers like mine here, who put up with artistic children, who by nature often mess up and are even more neurotic than everyone else. They learn how to forgive their children for their many mistakes (like me here trying to paint a fashion illustration of my mom while hungover, so the watercolour was a little more imprecise than usual). She was the first one to encourage me towards art, even when I got bullied for making ugly pictures in Junior Kindergarten, when I drew a picture of her and I, which she proudly posted on our fridge. She taught me to “ignore the haters,” and passed on her mother’s mantra, “never give up” and work hard to prove them wrong. She taught me to forge ahead steadfast and strong and attack every day like it is a challenge to see how much you can get done, all while looking graceful. She will always be my first muse.



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