A love letter from my dog, Kailey

​She is the only one I share my boyfriend with. He is always looking for ways to make both of us happy, that is why we adore him. Last night, I came down with the worst case of heartburn ever, it was dibilitating. He ubered to me and drove me to set and waited until 5 a.m. when we wrapped, even though he had work this morning. He does, sweet, thoughtful, generous things like that all the time. As Wayne and Garth would say, “we are not worthy.” So in the spirit of Man Crush Monday, here is a cute little note Kailey, my pup told me to write to show her appreciation too:

He takes the best care of me. He always rubs my paws when I come greet him with my downward dog, I wink at him, he winks back, he wraps me in blankets, I get to help him do the laundry, he lets me wear his soft t-shirts, he walks me late at night even when he is tired, he lets me sleep between him and my girl, he gives me pizza crust, and my favorite cigar, and wins me new toys at the fair! I love my #mancrushmonday, Eric McKinnon. 


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