Girl Date at the Christmas Market

My dear friend, Gina, is one of those incredible people who lights a fire in your soul when you speak to her. She has been one of the most positive sources of encouragement to me in the past year towards empowering me forward in my life. She is the definition of genuine. So, when she encourages me to continue to pursue my writing and art, I listen. I trust that she actually does believe in me. That is a really special quality to find in a friend. 

Gina is the youngest, in one of my badass female friend groups, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. Yes she is a fine, tall megababe, but she is has a quiet confidence that assures you she is wise beyond her years. She works at Mars, a very cool company that helps guide budding entrepreneurs. She couldn’t be a better fit for the job. 

Yesterday, after a grueling week of work at Mars, Gina had the Monday off and she wanted to have a girl date. Being a non-nine-to-fiver, and the preproduction on the film I’m working on being further delayed, I was more than happy to oblige in taking my fellow Amazon babe to the Christmas market! We drank Chai lattes, spoiled my dog with treats, tried on expensive sunglasses (Santa please bring me those Retrosuperfutures), I filled Gina in on the rich history of the distillery district I learned on a Segway tour last year (nerd alert), and tried not to be too naughty! Perfect Monday.

Headband: Ezzy Lynn, Coat: Zara, Scarf: Aritzia


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