Looking back on 2016 

My mother recently got Instagram. As someone who has never had Facebook and spends no time on social media, she has a refreshing perspective on it all. She said, “wow you have had an incredibly successful year or photoshoots!” Looking back, I’m overly critical of myself for not getting to post all the incredible shots I get back from photoshoots. I have gotten to know a couple amazing photographers this year, who I have developed relationships with and have been lucky to work with multiple times this year. One of which is Vitaliy. Vitaliy approached me about styling a bohemian shoot and I could not have been more excited this past summer. Since I’m pretty much known by many as “Chella” anything festival inspired is an automatic yes in my books. This was the first of many shoots we did together in 2016. I was lucky to have the gorgeous, Narley, as my canvas and style as well which made my job all the more easy and fun! 

Velvet set by For Love and Lemons, rings by Vitaly, choker by Ava Emery

Flower Crown by Ezzy Lynn, choker by Ava Emery, Bralette by For Love and Lemons, top by Mendocino, shorts by One Teaspoon, gladiator sandals by Free People, bracelets by Forever 21

On Narley: choker by Forever 21, earrings by Urban Outfitters, crochet top and necklace by Coco Rose, shorts by Pily Q

Dress by For Love and Lemons, necklaces by Ava Emery, boots by Dolce Vita

Dress by Mendocino, choker by Ava Emery, necklaces and bracelets by Forever 21

Dress by Mendocino, belt by Free People, boots by Dolce Vita, choker by Ava Emery


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