To my little bro on his birthday 

​I know you’re in England, teaching kids in East London, doing good for the world, and that’s rad and all, but Christmas without you just ain’t right! Wishing my original partner in crime the happiest of birthdays today! It’s hard to find a sibling duo closer than us, and for good reason. You’ve always been a wild one, but you’ve grown into probably the smartest person I know, definitely the biggest intellectual in our family, and I would be willing to argue Dad to the death on that one. But it is your emotional intelligence that makes you truly special to anyone who knows you well, as well as the many people you are so open to meeting. You were the little boy who gave $20 of his movie money to a homeless man just because, you never judge anyone and embrace all of the different lights they bring, you are a gentle and insightful teacher, you are my favourite person to ski down a mountain with and dance at a festival with while you do that infamous head bob of yours. You will always be my cute little brother with the most infectious cackle in the world and I can’t wait for many more adventures on this ride together. 


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