Merry Bohemian Christmas! 

After eating far too much food over the past two days, it only seems appropriate to try to snap oneself back into shape after Christmas. After far too many injuries in 2016 (broken foot and wrist and a slew of back problems), after the magic of physio last week I was happy to get into a more regular gym routine. I am very proud to say that I worked out 6 days last week, even on Christmas Eve to prepare for indulgences like lobster Mac and Cheese. Tonight I plan to carry on a boxing day tradition of going to a rave, that started way back when Deadmau5 used to play at a little joint called The Guvernment. Raving is totally cardio right? 

But my inspiration to get fit for 2017 did not come from the usual New Years resolution formula. It was actually inspired by two lovely girls I used to go to Queen’s University with, Julia Marcuzzi and Rhiana Snead, who invited me to style and model in their shoot for Greenhouse Juice Co. These two beautiful bohemian babes are the definition of goals. Not only are they kind, caring, ridiculously artistic, creative and fun, but they literally glow. Their inner beauty shines through and I’m sure they would tell you that such sparkle is a result of their vegan lifestyle, but I think it is a little more than that. 

I feel so grateful to have reconnected with such positive beauties and their insanely delicious recipes from the Peace Love Green Juice “Mimosas and Mistletoe” cookbook could convince any carnivore to go vegan. They are that good! As my resolution last year I went vegetarian, and lasted until about August. But these two have restored my faith in a more plant-based diet and I plan to continue to eat less and less meat and dairy over the next year with the brilliant guidance of their recipes! 

This was the most beautiful set for a photoshoot I have ever been involved with thanks to Julia’s sister’s design skills. The shoot was just generally a workout for our cheeks, having a laugh at every turn. 

Photography by Vitaliy Latanskiy 

Makeup by Aleksandra Portillo 

Juices by Greenhouse Juice Co. 

Recipes and food by Julia Marcuzzi and Rhiana Sneyd

Styling by Lauren Gibson (me) 


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