The Biggest Deja Vu #NostalgiaLevel9000 #MajorThrowback

Today after 18 years I was reunited with my incredible ski instructor from 1999! Cat Smiley was one of the very first women I ever truly looked up to. She was a true mentor. She did so much more than just teach me to be a fearless badass ripping around a mountain at the age of 9; she believed in me and instilled confidence that took me from daredevil to self-assured young lady who values independence, strength and joie de vivre. Through the magic of email pen pals we managed to stay in touch and even from a far she led by example, being the woman I hoped to be one day and truly LIVING life as a #girlboss with a purpose. I felt like I was that little girl again today as she led me down Couloir Extreme, ♦♦ against all odds, I felt fearless once again, skiing behind probably the best skier I’ve ever seen, making it all look effortless. It was as if no time had passed.


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